Damián López

Frontend Developer

Creative programmer, specialized in creating unique digital experiences.

About me

During my training as a graphic designer, I immersed myself deeply in the world of programming and web development. Nowadays, I have the privilege of being able to live off what I am passionate about: software creation.

Currently, my main goal at Viewnext is to develop accessible and high-quality user interfaces for our clients. What I enjoy the most is creating software at the convergence point between design and engineering; that is, solutions that not only work well but are also aesthetically pleasing. I love learning and surrounding myself with people who are smarter or more experienced than me, which constantly drives me to improve both personally and professionally. I take advantage of every opportunity to learn and adapt quickly to changes.

When I'm not in front of the screen, I enjoy spending time with the people I care about, as well as engaging in activities like hiking, cycling, reading, and listening to music.



Trello clone with project management functionalities




    Frontend Developer · Viewnext
    2022 - PRESENT
    I develop dynamic and responsive user interfaces, ensuring an optimal experience. I use Scrum as a work methodology, actively collaborating with multidisciplinary teams in sprints to ensure continuous deliveries and constant improvements.
    • HTML & SCSS
    • JavaScript
    • React
    • Jest
    • Testing Library
    • Git


    Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Engineering · UOC
    2022 - PRESENT
    Currently, I'm studying for a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering at UOC, covering topics such as programming, data structures, operating systems, networks, and the fundamentals of computer security, focusing on both theory and applied practice. I'm also delving into areas such as artificial intelligence and software development.
      Associate’s Degree Web Application Development · CIFP Iliberis
      2020 - 2022
      Developed skills in programming, database design, computer systems, web development, and application deployment. Additionally, learned to solve complex technical problems, preparing me to face the challenges of software development in a professional environment.
      • HTML & CSS
      • JavaScript
      • Java
      • PHP
      • Node.js
      • SQL
      • Apache
      Graphic Design · EASD Antonio Failde
      2015 - 2019
      I acquired skills in 3D Technologies, Design Fundamentals, Color Theory, Web/Multimedia Design, Typography, and Editorial Design. I applied this knowledge in practical projects and learned to manage design projects, collaborating efficiently in multidisciplinary teams and meeting deadlines.
      • Photoshop
      • Illustrator
      • InDesign
      • Premiere Pro
      • After Effects
      • Cinema 4D


    Soft Skills

    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Honesty
    • Diligence
    • Communication
    • Creativity
    • Teamwork
    • Critical thinking


    • Pair programming
    • TDD
    • Scrum
    • Kanban
    • MVP

    Frontend Development

    • HTML & CSS
    • TailwindCSS
    • JavaScript
    • TypeScript
    • ReactJS
    • NextJS
    • Framer


    • Jest
    • Mocha
    • Cypress
    • CI
    • CD

    Backend Development

    • NodeJS
    • SQL
    • REST
    • GraphQL
    • Docker